Here are a list of terms used to other African-Americans that are not stereotypical, ‘don’t take pride in their heritage'(being sarcastic), or are adopting preferences or actions that are perceived to be only ‘white’:

Alternative Black — Mostly referencing music taste preferences such as rock. Moreover, it is addressed and used as a label for those who design themselves in rock, gothic, even preppy clothing, makeup, and hair.

Oreo — Black on the outside; White on the inside (just like the cookie). This suggests that the outward appearance of a black person, doesn’t match the inside for their perceived white preferences.

You’re one of those type of people– the enhanced ‘those’ suggests an undefined collective, which are innately undefined for they refuse to be bound in such foolish racial constructs and stereotypes.This is derogatory, again providing an instance of separation within the black community.

These terms other and divide African-Americans, and they perpetuate racial constructs and stereotypes that should not exist.