Journey To Seussville

Dr. Seuss is a phenomenal philosopher and writer who birthed the books that would be read to children around the globe that become a memorable part of their childhood. Through these books the children go on voyage journey’s and always return home having learned a lesson; they are going through experiential learning, with no direct human teacher, but having nature along with imagination as the teacher. Seuss uses fantasies that can be categorized as intrusion, portal, and integrated. The website serves many audiences, but one may notice that the tabs not for children are less interactive, such as the educator’s tab. This website serves as a type of portal into the whole imagination, the mind of Seuss, through an interactive website.

The site, when you first enter it, you hear colorful instrumental music and it takes you to Seussville, the homepage, which is filled with very vibrant colors such as red, blue, yellow, orange, purple, white, and green; you also see the iconic lands of his famous books such as the Jungle of Nool, Mulberry Street, McElligot’s pool and Whoville. The scene is set up with 3 big hills, with a river running in between representing each land. Viewing the hills from left to right you see a Whoville building with stairs and wholes, that has characters like the Grinch and The Fox in Socks standing on the steps of the building. The next hill has Marco from I Think That I Saw It, representing Mulberry Street. Next is the pond/river that runs between the second and third hill, and there is Marco from McElligot’s Pond catching fish. The last hill features Horton from Horton Hears a Who, who is blinking and the Jungle of Nool shaking behind him. The very right of the page features an orange building with a clock, and its arrows spinning around incessantly. The building has balconies to which The Cat in the Hat is reading a book called Seussville pleasantly and there is a school desk in another balcony that serves as a link to the educator’s page. The building also has windows, which have Seuss characters that serve as links to books and games and the author tabs.

The home page is the main feature that you are presented with and it takes up almost the whole screen. This suggests that this site is completely operated or designed for visual representations and games for children; its navigability, of just clicking an iconic land and being immersed into that land and the stories that take place there. The iconic lands shown are as vivid in color as they are in books reinforcing the idea in children to say that they are not only in books, but on a website. To first show these lands, implies that the lands are actually real, that they exist, and that though the children do not go into these lands, they can digitally tour and experience it online.

The home page is very interactive with all the characters moving without one moving the mouse; there is a flag that represents Whoville waving back and forth and Horton, from Horton Hears A Who, blinking his eyes, while the Jungle of Nool is shaking. Characters Thing 1 and Thing 2 from The Cat in the Hat are pulling a sign that says to sign up for the Seussville site. Thing 1 and Thing 2 also pull a mini billboard advertising Seuss’ book Oh, The Places You’ll Go continuously around the site, which could be taken as a play on words, since they are going in circles. The page is very navigable to which you can press on a certain scene and get introduced to the land. You are able to click on the iconic lands and go through each of them and pick a character, and attached to the character are activities for the children to part take in. Through out the site there are games for the children to play that correlate with the story. The Cat In The Hat characters Thing 1 and Thing 2 as a loading page until you reach your next destination on the site.

The tabs are on top of the page and have links to the author, video, games & activities, Seussville, characters, news, educators, and parents. There is a tab for everyone, the audience is very broad, and all to entertain and help children learn. All the tabs have some symbol, character, or visual from Seuss’ books. In the author section there is animated version of Dr. Seuss’ office with objects such as author’s desk with a drawing board and a picture of Dr. Suess and his wife. There is a window screen that provides information about the author, a note from his wife Audrey, galleries, and a Read Across America campaign. Not a lot of people know about Seuss or what an author’s office may look like, and when you look into it, it is as creative and messy and crazy as the lands that he has created. The interior of his mind is all over his office, and is engraved on paper. The video tab contains videos about the production and finished clips of his works that have been made into movies. The game tab consists of games that are relevant to certain characters of Seuss’ novels such as Horton and the Kwuggerbug and Grow the Grinch’s heart. Suessville is the biggest tab with larger bubble print, and has the hat over the letter e; this shows that the website’s main concern and feature is Seussville, the homepage. When you click on it, it provides a ladder of links to Whoville, Jungle of Nool, Mulberry st., and McElligot’s. The characters’ tab holds a moving factory assembly line, with a lever operator to showcase the characters, so that you can learn more about them. The News page shows different celebrations, success of some of some of the charity works that Seuss has, and book events. To note the success of such campaigns for child literacy and Seuss’ success with his charity is important to know, to say that he and other campaigns are supporting higher child literacy. On the educators page the Seussville site provides a timeline to know about special events, but also resources like lesson plans and printable activities to make learning fun and enjoyable to children. The parents page provides activities for the family, recipes, crafts, tips on how to read with your children, and special holiday activities assimilating some Seuss reading and activities.

Now after describing the site, the interesting thing about the site is that when you go into the educators tab you see a big difference from the homepage. It is only in strict colors of red, blue, white, and black. It opens to a page of a welcome for educators and a timeline which is hosted by Seuss’ characters which features national days that, and there are no interactive movements. There is a side bar with printables and activities for children, lesson plans, books, and The Cat in the Hat learning library. Having such printables for teachers easily accessible is a great resource for teachers that don’t want to spend a lot of mind on extra lesson plans, and it also makes not only Seuss’ books available to read in the class, but activities associated with it, to gain further analysis, information, or absorption of what Seuss presents in his books. On the side bar there is also information about the Read Across America events and The Lorax Project which has discussion questions about the Lorax to help guide the students and help prepare for the Lorax Project Student Earth Day, so that the children can make an environmental impact in their school community. These projects imply that Seuss was not all about publishing books, but presenting activities and projects for kids to embark and participate in, that would actually make an impact to themselves and environment.The side bar serves as a directory and a source resources for teachers to use to provide a better and fun learning experience for children, using Dr. Seuss’ books as a basis for reading and learning.

This site is vibrant and is an interactive site filled with games and informational tools that help children develop. The children going to this website will be shown an experiential learning experience the right way, in which it is positive, and creates morals and manners in children. The site facilitates all audiences from young to old, and gives you a childhood of memories and knowledge in a couple of tabs.


link to website

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