What I Have Learned

So I didn’t exactly learn how to bewitch the mind, ensnare the senses, brew glory, or sit in Snape’s potions class. I learned how to be a better writer.

This a reflection of what I learned about writing at the university so far…..

  1. Concise is nice.
  2. Expand your thoughts
  3. Anything can be a resource for a research paper
  4. Got Writer’s Block? Take a rest, a minute, a day, then go back to your paper
  5. Peer Review Works
  6. Outlines (we all hate them), but they do work. Try the Story Board Method
  7. Read your paper aloud, you will catch mistakes easily
  8. Analyzing is not paraphrases and an extra sentence
  9. Make an explicit claim and/or argument, it will help your reader
  10. Know who your audience is
  11. Clarity is the best act of charity to your paper
  12. Don’t write a paper the night before it is due

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