Pure Imagination


In my writing 100 class, we were to either come up with a whole new concept to write about or we were to  pull a concept or argument from the three essays previously written. Either way it was hard. The matter came down to an individual choice that then I would be responsible for coming up with a select argument, that was important to me, that had substantial resources to back up my claim. Our Professor, came up with a great way to narrow down our claim, to see what we are really trying to argue, which was ‘I want to learn_______because_______to help my reader understand_____’; this was so that we could be specific in our claim, and have a start of an outline.


My claim would be that fantasy or imaginative proneness in children/adolescents and its link with mental disorders such as anxiety and depression.



Once I had my claim, it was time to do the thing I hate most, which is outlining. Outlining has to be the most helpful thing in the world for my writing, it very much improves it and gives me a structure; I hate it because it is time consuming. My resourceful professor introduced us to Storyboard, which is what is done with animations, yet we are doing it with our paper. It created a great outline for us, with a topic sentence, reason sentence, and a few pieces of evidence for each paragraph. I will use this for future papers; creating an outline in that format, is very helpful and visualizing my outline in a storyboard format was relieving and made it easier to do.


I started doing research for my claim, and it did take a while. My claim was that there is a link between imagination and mental disorders, which makes people with highly imaginative minds, like children, prone to mental disorders. My first step in the research was to look to myself and ask ‘how have I used my imagination? Do I have more control of it? Are there times where I can’t tell reality from my imagined world? How does this affect me?’ After I did this, I went online and my research went from recent studies with quantum neuron level partitions, to maladaptive daydreaming, to imaginary friends, to Willy Wonka, and etc. All of this varying research was actually encouraged by my Professor because evidence to support your research can come from anywhere.


Writing my paper was much easier due to the outline and accessible articles and movies and tv shows available at my disposal to put in my paper.

Here is a link if you would like to read the paper

Here is a link to help you make a claim:




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