Website: Visual Rhetoric Reflection


I chose to do the website; it is a wonderful website to which there are many links and interactive points in the website. This website was very interactive, to which every click of a button led to another part of the site. It featured all of Seuss’ work and some mentions of the programs and charities he participated in. The website is enormous. Even though I only had to analyze the home page, the homepage was one of the top interactive parts of the website.

When first writing my website analysis I didn’t know where to actually start. My professor said to start with a connection to a part of education that I made in my previous paper. She linked a video to Purdue that gave an example of a visual rhetoric. I learned from the video that visual rhetoric can be a flyer, website, or picture that could have words or no words; the visual sometimes is the rhetoric, it sends a message. When doing a visual rhetoric you have to look at the colors, positioning of an object if there is one, the variation of the font of words, the size of the picture and the object and the words, among other things. From the visuals one needs to piece together the job of the objects and how it relates to the overall theme and message of the visual.

When revising my paper, I used what my peers said about my paper in my revision, because they all said one common thing, which was to focus more on my rhetoric. I am glad that they mentioned that because my paper did need more rhetoric analysis, or more explicit analysis. The one thing that I would tell myself later in my writing career, is that when doing things like a visual rhetoric paper, when the subject is a huge website, would be to focus on certain things, address all matters on the page, and provide equal amount of visual and rhetoric details.


Link to the paper51Fnoqj1veL._UY250_.jpg


Here is an intro to Seussville:




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