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Assignment Project 2, is about doing an in-depth analysis of one of the readings that we were given and how it connects to education. The analysis has no bounds, just how far can you take it and how many different directions. We had three readings to choose from, The School by Donald Barthelme, The Indelible by Alison Bechdel, and Speaking In Tongues by Zadie Smith. In order to do the assignment we had to learn what analysis was; analysis is breaking down something that is large into little pieces, and seeing how those small pieces interconnect and the relationships between those pieces. Dr. Babcock, my professor, also mentioned a very important factor into writing our analysis, was that analysis does not call for paraphrasing, and that when we our analyzing we are looking at the bigger and smaller pictures.

The most significant thing that I learned, was to correctly analyze a paper, which means no paraphrasing. Before, when I was in high school, I used to always just paraphrase and then add some analysis, only one or two paragraphs. Dr. Babcock gave us an outline, to which we are to introduce, give summary of the text, have this huge analysis that can take up a page, and then conclusion. Not only did I learn how to correctly do an analysis, but to also use outlines, because it can map out your paper effectively. I learned how to look deeper into my analysis and think about education. When doing analysis I always think about connecting the analysis to the natural or controversial things such as life and death, things of the natural and supernatural. Now that I had to connect it to education; I now had the chance to not only to connect the story to education which is a topic in my other classes, so this paper helps build upon my analysis of education in those classes.

The advice that I would give to my older self would be to always delve further into analysis, not to just connect it to the natural and supernatural, but to pop culture, education, domesticity, among other things. To use outlines, because it strengthens the effectiveness and organizational flow of the paper. I would tell my older self that I am not limited to the things that I can analyze, I can go further and create something spectacular and interesting.

Here is a link to the paper

Here is a video on analysis:


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  1. Very interesting take on how to structure analysis, you brought up points that I have never thought about. I like that you said to connect to everyday pop culture, and events along with using outlines. It will definitely help me in the future with analysis!


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